STYLE #1 (semi-realistic)
- portrait/bust: Php750/$15
- half-body: Php1000/$20

STYLE #2 (cartoony idk)
- portrait/bust: Php200/$4 (line art) Php250/$5 (with flat colors)
- half-body: Php300/$6 (line art) Php350/$7 (with flat colors)
- full-body: Php400/$8 (line art) Php450/$9 (with flat colors)

(+ 50% for additional character/person, +50% for background, simple background/doodle is free)


- 5 slots for each month
- all prices mentioned are subject to change depending on amount of detail/size or additional characters and backgrounds
- no refunds
- references + descriptions are required (sketches are also appreciated)
- do not resell/claim work as your own. commissioned work is for personal use only
- maximum of 2 revisions; i will send my progress
- pls set a deadline. if there is no deadline, i will take my time.
- i am allowed to post commissioned work
- dm for details on comics commissions
modes of payment:
- GCash (PH only)
- Paypal